Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A non-exhaustive list of names for your zapper

What do you call yours? Some people call theirs really stupid things. Like 'The Converter'.. what's that about? Here are some more I have collected today, beginning with the Doofer as it was PoliteIre who started it by being forced to defend her use of it in her own house. "You point it at the telly, it doofs. What's the problem?" Can't argue with that. Here they are then.

The Doofer

The Zapper (4 votes) (aka Frank/Moon Unit/Dweezil if you're feeling playful)

The Buttons/Telly Buttons (4 votes)

The Remote (3 votes) errr Boring! Why not pick something else from this list?

The Doobrey (2 votes) A lot of words for zappers are also words for fishing equipment, I have learned in the course of my research.

The Thingy-Majig

The Box/The Telly Box

The Channel Changer

The Goat

The 'mote

'The Magic Box' - as well as being words for fishing tackle, a lot of these could also be words for lady parts.

The Merote

The Dinker
The Converter

The Push-Push

The Telly Stick

The Schnik-Shnack

The fuckin'…

The Shitz

The [makes thumb clicking motion in air]

The Bibbip

The Badger

Any more for any more?


  1. I call them all The Gadget which winds Tom up no end. But not as much as referring to our fancy digital tv thingummy as The Wizard Box. It magically saves my favourite programmes so I can watch them without adverts. How is that not a wizard?!

  2. Well I call them Frank but my desk buddy at work (person I sit opposite) calls them The Clickorator.

  3. I am afraid I always say remote. But some of these are pretty amusing!

  4. It's a Zappa in my house....although sometimes it gets called the doofer too.....

  5. The TTO in my house, telly turner over; passed down over 2 generations....

  6. It's the titpusher here, which seems inexplicable in such an otherwise nicely spoken, well-mannered household.