Sunday, 8 January 2012

Anno's Counting Book

As with most of my posts/ideas/thoughts in general, I got to thinking about Anno after seeing something that reminded me of a book I had when I was little. This afternoon, I was up on Devil's Dyke and I could see a field of sheep that looked like it was straight out of Anno's Counting Book.

In Anno's Counting Book, each double page spread is the scene of a growing village developing through the year along with the numbers one to twelve.

Most of Anno's books have no words, leaving you free to project your own interpretation onto the images. I believed that the village in Anno's Counting Book was the same village that Erica disappears into when Roald Dahl's witches lock her into the painting. Anno may be Japanese but the book has always felt very Scandinavian to me.

Next up, I 'd like to get hold of these books:

Anno, from from


  1. I was telling Tom about the painting prison in The Witches t'other day. The whole idea used to terrify me when I was younger (not that fond of it now either tbh). I love the look of that Anno book- completely agree with you that the illustrations look somehow Scandinavian. x