Sunday 9 June 2013

A weekend of post and presents

The weekend of gifts, as it shall henceforth be known, started on Friday evening.

My friend Larah, is the queen of presents. She runs a second hand/vintage market stall and is always coming across things she knows people will like. She also remembers what people have said they like or collect and loves giving people gifts even if it’s not their birthday. You might think that having only been married a week and it being the first time I’d seen her since, she might be expecting somewhat of a reversal of the usual situation but no, she still had presents, some even from the honeymoon!

She knows I love souvenirs, particularly pens and pencils so whenever she and her daughter visit somewhere new they like to feed my addiction. The only problem with this idea is that when I fall in love with a particular pen I get very attached (e.g. pen shaped like a birthday candle or pen shaped like Robin Hood’s arrows) I can’t throw them out even when they run out. Therefore I’m holding Larah fully responsible when my body is found in my super hoarder house among piles and piles of novelty pens.

When I opened my bag of treats I also found this:

I couldn’t work out what it was at first but suddenly as I clipped in the mug, I realised it is a me! I did wonder for a minute why a librarian would be wearing fishing waders but Clem pointed out that it’s actually meant to be a pleated skirt.

Saturday morning brought post – two excellent craft books. Steph sent me the Japanese woolly embroidery book, and I’ve already been through and marked potential projects (possibly just an excuse to use my post it pen). I bought Laura Howard’s super cute felt book in her sale as I’m currently working on a few different felty things and it’s wonderfully inspiring.

Saturday afternoon I met up with Katie from Hook Line and Sink Her for a second impromptu mini-date as we also bumped into each other on the train on Friday night. She brought along the prize I won in her blog competition, which I love! These gorgeous cross stitch samplers will go up in our new house when we move.

And as an extra, because she’s brilliant, she also gave me this fox cushion. Clem has named it Vera the Varmint; we are both rather enamoured.

The last part of my day involved flicking through my new copy of Homemaker magazine and enjoying the birdy themed supplement. I will be framing some of the prints for the new house but for now I settled for using the mini versions of the pics to update my fridge magnets.

Before (cigarette cards):


In place (sneak peak of what I’m having for dinner tonight):

Love you bye!

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  1. What a good idea with the mini-version fridge magnets! So glad you liked the cross-stitches. I'm glad Clem thought of a good name for Vera (she was definitely secretly always a Vera) xxx