Thursday, 22 September 2011

Hay! Straw! Chaff! Oats!

Jubilee Street, Brighton
Originally uploaded by Royal Pavilion & Brighton Museums.

Things I like - social history, libraries, this photo.

Via Flickr:
This is a photographic print of Jubilee Street, Brighton. It is a view of a courtyard on the east side of the street. This courtyard gave access to numbers 29 to 34 of this street. Shoesmith & Sons' Corn & Forage Merchants is visible at the end of the courtyard.

This photograph was commissioned by the Environmental Health department of Brighton Borough Council. It formed part of a visual record of areas considered for slum clearance. Jubilee Street was acquired by the Council as part of the Regent Street Compulsory Purchase Order of 1957. Although demolition of many of these buildings began in the 1950s, the site remained derelict for several decades. Brighton Jubilee Library was constructed on this site in 2005.

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